Quality - Made in Germany

The most important criterion that Lenz & Leif products have to meet is perfect quality. Ensuring manufacturing at the highest level is the first step in the development of new products. So it is hardly surprising that Lenz & Leif produces in the country that is known worldwide for its technical progress, precision, punctuality and outstanding inventiveness - in Germany. Domestic production means short distances and therefore more flexibility for the company while at the same time protecting the environment. Specialists infected with passion deliver the highest quality with machines that meet the latest technical standards.


Varied and clear motifs, creative and innovative knitted images as well as a wide, adaptable color palette offer almost infinite possibilities for the creation of simple to colorful product ensembles. For example, blankets and pillows from Lenz & Leif in muted earthy tones give the room a classically elegant touch and an ensemble of brightly colored bright colors a fresh, youthful atmosphere. It is not without reason that you can find Lenz & Leif in classic chalets in the mountains, in modern city apartments and also in beach houses.


Lenz and Leif were the names of the two Gordon Setters owned by company founder Matthias Honold. Immediately after their adoption, the males became full members of the family and from then on determined everyday life in the house. Despite the same pedigree, the two were very different in character. However, they shared a great passion, the regular cuddling sessions with their master. They flattered themselves in his heart and conquered it forever. So it is hardly surprising that Matthias Honold's cozy knitted blankets and pillows are now called Lenz & Leif - in memory of his wonderful roommates.