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Actually Lenz & Leif ensnares men and women with cozy soft Merino-wool blankets and pillows. With HATS - knitted hats made of finest Merino-wool - we really do not turn into such an unusual direction. We love everything which is cozy and keeps us warm. The extra fine Merino yarn used in our knitted blankets, pillows and hot-water-bottles is ideal suited for fashion accessories like knitted hats.

You do not have to wait until the temperature goes below freezing to wear the knitted HATS. The natural materials prevent you from sweating even on mild days.

In trendy colors ranging from earthy to flashy, the knitted HATS are fashionable companions and eye catchers for every occasion, regardless if meeting with friends in a trendy bar, an intimate walk through the forest or the next shopping spree with a friend. The ribbed knitting pattern and the wide brimmed hats offer highest wearing comfort. And if you cannot decide, which of the 17 colors you take, just help yourself with a couple of them.

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