Snowflakes are delicate and ephemeral elements that enchant our windows for a few moments in winter before they fade away forever. Not so with Lenz & Leif. We have put the fine crystals on cozy knitted blankets and pillows for you. Unlike their ephemeral models, the knitted blankets and knitted pillows SNOWFLAKES warm your body and soul and only melt you.

The snowflakes cavort in unusual color combinations such as gray and magenta, beige and yellow or orange and white on the super soft knitted pillows and knitted blankets. The noble knitted accessories can be used excellently as a warming throw on your bed, in addition you simply drape the matching knitted pillows at the head end. Which, by the way, you can never have enough. You have already created a cozy nest for your winter sleep. If you still want to heat up your feet, you should also take a Hot Friend (knitted hot water bottle) with you under the knitted blanket.