The Merino-wool blankets and pillows VALERIE are timelessly pretty - regardless if braided classic or plain in uni - the knitting accessories bring luxurious coziness into your living room or into your bedroom. Earthy-warm tones like camel, beige, brown or white alternate with trendy colors in purple, yellow or light green.

The Merino-wool pillows and blankets are available in 17 different colors, which can combined marvelously: purple or yellow with grey, beige with dark blue or red are in-style looks, which create a glamour effect for your sofa and your lounge chairs.

The smoothness and the fine texture of the blankets and pillows in plain or uni pattern are created through a special knitting technique. For the knitted accessories Lenz & Leif only uses the finest and most upmarket Merino-woll yarn.

VALERIE includes a Merino-wool blanket which impresses through a plain and simple knitting pattern and its lightness. The thin blanket is the perfect accessory for a cool summer evening or summer night. The front side is knitted rightwards, the flipside is knitted leftwards - a broad bordure gives the blanket its contour. With 17 different colors VALERIE offers Merino-wool blankets for every mood.