Autumn and winter is cuddling time. For the cold days and nights and according to the seasons Lenz & Leif created STARS - Merino-wool blankets, pillows and hot-water-bottles Holywood-style.

STARS brings glamour to your sofa. The decorative eye-catchers impress through a clear optic: One single star or a couple of smaller ones enlighten the Merino-wool blankets, a single star the Merino-wool pillow or the hot-water-bottle. Lenz & Leif interprets the traditional motive new through unusual color combinations. The stars sparkle in beige-purple, white-anthracite, camel-red, grey-yellow, brown-orange on the Merino-wool blankets and pillows, discovered in the play of colors in southern France.

The glamorous success duo of Merino-wool pillow and blanket is unbeatable - especially in the cold season and therefore cannot be missed in any domicile. Casually draped on a sofa it is waiting for its performance: To warm your feet in the evening as a Merion-wool blanket and to support your tired back as a Merino-wool pillow. The STARS-cuddling partners can be easily combined with other Lenz & Leif knitting accessories.