Autumn and winter are cuddling times. For the cold days and nights and according to the season, Lenz & Leif has created STARS - merino blankets, merino pillows and merino hot water bottles in a Hollywood look.

STARS brings glamor to the sofa. The decorative eye-catchers impress with their clear optics: One star alone or several smaller ones illuminate the merino blankets, a single star merino pillow or merino hot water bottle. Lenz & Leif reinterprets the traditional motif with unusual color combinations. In beige-lilac, white-anthracite, camel-red, gray-yellow, brown-orange, the stars sparkle on the merino blankets and merino pillows, discovered in the play of colors in southern France.

The glamorous successful duo of merino pillows and merino blankets are unbeatable, especially in the cold season, and should not be missing in any apartment. Placed casually on the sofa, it waits to appear: as a merino blanket to warm your feet in the evening and to support your tired back as a merino pillow. The STARS cuddly partners can be combined with other Lenz & Leif knitted accessories in terms of color and motif.