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Can you imagine anything better after a long day than treating yourself with cosy warmth? A hot bath and off into your sweats to cuddle up with your best friend on the sofa. A friend for cold evenings a HOT FRIEND. The Merino-wool hot water bottle spreads pleasant comfort in a noble apparel - regardless if cosy warm on your belly or on your feet.

With their pretty knitted dresses the Merino-wool hot water bottles create the highest comfort of cuddling and heat you up not only during cold days. The special and high-quality workmanship of the Merino-woll make the companion robust so that you can enjoy these exclusive Merino-wool hot water bottles for a very long time.

Merino-wool hot water bottles come classic in unicolor with plait in 17 different colors - ranging from earth to jazzy. Lenz & Leif offers the perfect feel-good prescription for every mood. Our HOT FRIENDS present themselves on cuddling course with dog- and moose-motives. If you allow winter in your home you should choose Merino-wool hot water bottles with a star or a snow crystal.

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