DOGS - Cuddling with a true friend

How about putting your legs up and cuddling with a faithful friend? You can do this totally without being troubled by „shedding and a wet nose“ with the Merino-wool blankets and pillows of our DOGS series. The faithful friends warm your feet on cold autumn and winter days and serve as stylish Merino-wool blankets and pillows on your sofa and bed.

DOGS is an homage to the Gordon Setters Lenz and Leif of the designer and founder Matthias Honold. They gave the brand its name. These two accompanied him on his tours of inspiration through nature. Matthias Honold took pleasure in the idea that his faithful friends could live on this way so today they stand for Lenz & Leif.

And now they are eternalized on super soft Merino-wool blankets, pillows and hot-water-bottles. You may find the dog motive on Merino-wool blankets, pillows and hot-water-bottles in subdued color combinations like white-brown, white-grey, beige-dark-blue, camel-grey and grey-darkblue. On the Merino-wool blankets bustles either a dog in large format or a couple of small ones. On the Merino-wool pillows you may cuddle with a dog.