The lightweight double-face reversible merino plaids exude a pure summer feeling. The knitted blankets feel smooth and silky. They bring summer into the house and extend outdoor evenings. Their colors range from reserved to gaudy. They are reminiscent of delicious ice cream, the bright sun or the turquoise sea. Doubleface combines two knitted blankets in one and is always in season thanks to its summery colors.

The extra fine and very high-quality merino wool, which is in the timeless knitted blankets from Lenz & Leif, ensures the unique feel-good character and makes them pleasantly soft. The delicacy and elegant look of the reversible plaids are created using a special knitting process. The design impresses with elegant color combinations and a smooth look - these ensure a trendy look that is modern and classic at the same time!

The 1200g knitted blankets are the ideal travel companions. So you always have your very special piece of home with you, even in hotels and holiday apartments. Refined with the knitted cushions from our VALERIE series in the tones of the DOUBLEFACE knitted blankets, they form an unbeatable ensemble for sofa and armchair.