Once the desire of the next summer vacation gets a hold of you, then Lenz & Leif has the right prescription for you: STRIPES, knitted blankets and pillows in a maritime flair - in colors like soft sand, the warming sun or the deep blue sea - all made of extra fine Merino-wool.

The knitted blankets and pillows in the colors blue-white, green-white, red-white, yellow-white and beige-white remind you of classy beach holidays at the Riviera, relaxed hours on a yacht and warm evenings in your beach house on Sylt. The fine knitted blankets and pillows turn your sofa, lounge chair or bed into a beach house deluxe. This way the coming trip to the ocean already becomes reality in your head.

STRIPES not only brings a maritime look to your house but also on you terrace. The stripes of the knitted blankets and pillows turn your garden furniture into lightweights. Or simply spread the large knitted pillows together with pillows of the VALERIE series through your garden - for sitting areas in the green with summerly color spots.